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Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man(wip lineart) by RareAMV Allen Walker - D.Gray-Man(wip lineart) by RareAMV
Sow, you guys might have already saw this one, that is because i decided to get a new deviantart account, with a nickname that i am currently using^^.

This is still a wip version, it has some unclean lines, need to draw his suit better etc, but i wanted it to be here, as my first drawing for this account.
It was just on a wimp that i decided to draw him, I was watching d.gray-man and i thought:  I... NEED... TO... DRAW... HIM....   because he's epic.
I am not sure if I should color him, everytime i color something it turns out way much worse then it looks without colors... Also I still need to decide what i should do for the background,
i was thinking of poker cards falling from the skies... ahum....

If someone is interested to color him, just do it, but i would appreciate it if you give credit to me for the line-art^^, also i would love to see it, so post a link in the comment section to your colored version^^

I might do more characters from d.gray-man, but i am currently busy with my test week at school... so do not have much time to draw...

Oh, i might change his semi-sad looking face expression, but at the time of drawing i could not really think of anything else X.....

Time to sketch and trace: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Software used: Photoshop CS6 for sketch(i like sketching in ps), Paint Tool Sai for trace(why? because i have shaky hands, the only way i can draw clean lines is with stabilizer at S-7, thats only a feature in pts)
Tablet Used: Wacom Bamboo Pen^^

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January 9, 2014
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